Community Conscious

greener tomorrows, for everyone (replace businessman, child, grandparent or animal in place of bohemian rose-smelling woman)

From my community to yours, we’re all looking to be a part of something we believe in, a collective that carry the same values, ethics and goals as your own.  Or a collective you wish to learn from, adapt to and evolve the ever changing landscape of your mind.

I am a firm believer of ACCEPTANCE. that does not mean I don’t show my distaste for things I feel and know to be negative to the world’s betterment.  It simply means I don’t allow these things to consume my energy.  If it is something that threatens the peace I have and share with others; I will participate, I will demonstrate and I will advocate what it is my collective knows to be a positive movement.

Your Interpretation please

Your community is a blessing.  Whether you endure positive or negative experiences in it, you are bound to GROW because of it. Your place in it means you have a responsibility to care for it and everyone and thing that lives within its boundaries.

And your community may not have boundaries, which is, my friends, the best atitude to take.  For change requires a great movement, your voices must be heard, your ideas shared and your hearts open.  Keep greening your properties, take on the Slow Food mentality whenever you can, buy locally and consciously, waste less, be wise with your word and LOVE the earth that feeds you.


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