I am a gardener, an artist, a mother, an entrepreneur, and most of all, I am a believer….

When I started this blog just over a year ago, I had high hopes I would be a huge contributor while I went through my recovery…..

However, life moves faster than we hope it will, and the “down time” I was experiencing was fairly short lived due to my Drive to get back on my feet and supersede the doctors’ expectations. Oh how I wish I could have some of that time back.


I have just been awarded the honor of caring for a lovely seaside estate garden. The estate is small.  So it’s within my boundaries of what I can and should be doing. (Yes. I just shoulded on myself!).  It has been one year now since the accident that almsot left me with out my dancing leg.  And though it took out my ability to do hard labour, it left me with an opportunity to go back to my roots and actually garden again.  Stephanie’s gardens are filled with specimen trees, perennials, small deciduous and evergreen shrubs and perennials, and more perennials. Did I say perennials, because there are a lot of perennials.  I am in complete HEAVEN in this glorious garden.

While I am working in the garden terraces, which literally step down to the ocean at the back of the house, I will be thinking about my Horticulture Therapy certification, and the Sensory Garden paper I aim to complete over the next two months.  Taking in and considering all of my 5 sensory elements, pondering the vast and wondrous landscapes around the property, while the birds sing and the deer stair over the fencing.

I am also leading an incredible team of volunteers in the Restoration of the “Grass Garden” at Glendale Gardens, the Gardens at the HCP.  A mentorship had opened up at the HCP set up by one of my fellow HT students, who had to leave the country after going through some of her own “changes” this year.  As soon as I knew I could spare the time to commit, I presented the demonstration gardens’ Head gardener with a proposal to take over where my colleague had left off. I am now an active “Volunteer Curator” of the grass gardens. And work, from time to time, on the children’s garden, and the Birds, Bees and Butterfly garden. Linda has also requested I participate and lead the design and installation of the future “Sensory” demonstration garden at Glendale. OF COURSE…. I grabbed it!  Can you believe it!  And the bonus?  Because I am doing it all under the Volunteer status, I have ample time.  With time, I believe this will lead to specializing in the study of Sensory gardens and a future in the design of Sensory gardens. And ALL hours go towards my HT internship requirements.

Only a few weeks ago, I was offered another golden opportunity in the Horticulture Therapy field. At the end of April, I was asked to prepare a pilot HT program proposal.  Sandringham Center, a ‘Revera’ Care facility in Victoria, contacted me  requesting a proposal to both restore their gardens and present a 6 week Therapeautic Horticulture program for their Residents. Needless to say I wrote an extensive report and won the position. I am enjoying this role and still beaming from ear to ear that I was able to land a contract in HT so soon. I am utilizing my education and training while promoting the field of HT and TH.

And best yet…… I am proving that my long awaited desire to practise Horticutlure as a therapy is NOT a pipe dream.

During recovery and over the last year, a few things in my life suffered and or disolved.  My career as I knew it changed, my marriage became a co parenting/friendship existing in two separate homes, and my Education endeavours were put on hold.  It gave me a good deal of time to think about the logistics of my life, my finances, and my future.  In the process, I have decided I will pursue a career in Project Management and seek to become certified by the PMI (Project Management Institute).  This career is one I am well suited for, and will help me balance my drive to manage and participate in large projects with out me having to take any of the risks of it being my own company.  I worry it will overshadow my HT plans, but I have come to appreciate being financial stable, and taking things slowly.

If I work at a career in PM, I am only adding value to my future in HT and TH, while creating a nest-egg to support my future HT and TH career.

So you see everything in due time.  A little bit of progress here and there on all of the goals I have set out to achieve.  If there’s one thing I have learned in all of this, it’s that I always land on my own two feet, even if one isn’t always as reliable as I’d like it to be.

Over the course of my blogging I’ll fill my readers in on the happenings over the last year.  Changes occur at a time when there is great need.  With and without your participation, something will occur that is out of your control and your life will CHANGE.

It’s at that time, friends… that you will be handed the great gift of Reinventing Self!

And no one said it would be easy, especially if you are debilitated in any way physically. But it will be rewarding in more ways than you ever thought possible.  Believe me, I’ve done it a few times.


more to come now hat I’ve finally got this first one out.

keep truckin’