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My nephew arrive this am as planned.  Matthew, is 35 years old, and lives just outside of Duncan, at a farm known as Glenora Farms .Glenora farms is part of the Camphill collective.

a group of the Glenora farm artisans displaying their craft

The “Camphill Movement is a worldwide organization of schools, training colleges and adult villages where caregivers and people with developmental disabilities live, learn and work together, sharing in a culturally rich and productive environment.”  Needless to say, Glenora farm holds a special interest for me; being a Vocational program based on agriculture & crafting projects involving botanicals.

Most residents at Glenora farm produce products such as: beeswax candles, felt birds, tinctures, teas, spices & herbs, jams & jellies, jewelry, wool scarves, fruits & vegetable and much more.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Glenora, please use the link provided above and be sure to stop by tomorrow to read my interview with Matthew on life on the farm.