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The Faithful patient

a walk in the sunshine

Now let me be the first to tell you, I am a woman with Drive!

I have never been one to be “told” how to do something. Sure I follow the lead and guidance of others gone before me, those who have experience, have been educated or whom I respect for one logical reason or another.

I have a great respect for the more clinical, traditional side of medicine, and the science involved.  Not unlike the respect I have for Chinese medicine, Naturopathic medicine, Reiki, Reflexology, Spirit and a Positive state of MIND.

Since I could wiggle my toes in wet soil and hold a trowel with my young hands; I have been privy to a form of healing our society so often takes for granted.  Throughout my life I have enjoyed gardening, visting parks, and all elements of the natural world, especially when I have needed some form of healing.  Be it cognitive, emotional, physical, social or spiritual. I used nature and the ecosystems it supports to influence my well being and inspire me to pursue more in life.

It wasn’t until my mid 20s when  I realized this was not a new way of thinking and certainly not untapped. Others were clearly advocating the connection between Well being and horticulture as a therapy.  I began my career in Landscaping after taking leave from my career in Marketing and Promotions due to the birth of my son.  During maternity, I fell back in to gardening while living in the Cowichan Valley.  When my son hit 2 years of age, I enrolled myself into a Horticulture Technician Certificate program and the rest is history.

For 8 years I ran a small firm by the name of Inventing Eden Landscapes and Design, woking in different roles as the company evolved. I felt a strong urge to focus more intently on a career where the goal was to “cultivate the quality of life”.  With a long term goal of a foundation, outreach programs & human services, and community development with an even further reach.

the early days

In my career I have been blessed with an enriched education in horticulture, human relations, sociology and design. I am moved by the principles of Permaculture, not only in relation to our use of the earth and it’s bounties, but to its references to systematic thinking in every relationship you can think of.

Only a year ago, I began to study in the field I believe is my life calling, my Vocation.  In 2011, I enrolled myself into an Horticulture Therapy Certificate program with the goal of becoming a registered Horticultural Therapist.  I am currently in the process of studying as an Intern for my HT certification under my mentor Ann Kent HTM, owner of Catkin Gardens in Vancouver British Columbia.

Now… I know this field of therapy may not be a familiar one. And I am certain as you read on, and hopefully take interest in my study, you will be much more learned on the field of HT. You will see me refer to Horticultural Therapy as HT and Therapeutic Horticulture as TH over the following 6 months).  I intend to provide research, histories and references to evidence based studies as my recovery progresses.

The basic mission of Horticulture Therapy states simply that; “Gardening, Horticulture, and Nature Activities support Health and Wellness and Therapeutic Outcomes”.

Over the next 6 months, I, Danée Jensen,  am making it my mission to use the many practises and principles, commonly used in Horticultural therapy to influence, expedite and supplement my recovery programs and daily life.  I intend to: reference evidence based research, carry out activities and programs learned during my studies, and create new programs which can be used by others.  I will record flaws, difficulties, success and recommendations during these trials.  Biophilia will provide personal insight and commentary on the positive and negative effects of each activity; with regards to my own emotional, physical, cognitive, social and spiritual development.  Biophilia is dedicated to supporting and participating in the education of professionals in the Health Care Industry, individuals looking to improve others’ as well as their own Quality of Life, and most of all YOU.

Shall we…….

The accident occurred on March 18th, 2012.   I am expected to have full use of my leg with minimal difficulties by mid to late September 2012.

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