while riding in the car, a tune came over the ipod…
-Everlasting, MOBY….

As I drove slowly through my neighborhood, smile across my face, I cranked it up, and blocked out the sound of the streets.
I slipped in to the driveway, after spending a lovely day consulting and presenting contracts..

..under the great blue sky, sun kissing my skin, surrounded by 15 foot tall Rhododendrons dripping in rich pink blooms, freckles pointing at the sky!
reaching for the sun           WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY!

I turned off the car, my fingers slipped over the volume control once again..
the song came to it’s climax, the epic music filled the car…
as the music broke over me, I looked to the sky,

a flock of birds, flying in formation, crossed the blue skies over the Great Garry oak in my gardens.

I took a deep breath and thanks the Earth, and gave thanks for my wonderful career.

We should be so lucky, we are ALL so fortunate!

We are smiling, we are living in paradise, we are stewards of the Earth, prophets of the GREENLAW.

this weeks blog is dedicated to a group of individuals with in our community, who are building strength with in our communities, with in our industry. Individuals who are healing our wary bodies and souls,so we may keep on practices this stewardship and living life to the fullest.
Professional who practice using the same or similar ethical standards as myself.
Working for you, with you, towards the same goal.

Skyla Johnson:            Yoga therapy/singer songwriter GREENLAW

Nicole Sponer:            Ocean Holisitics/Reflexology/Yoga instructor/artist mixed media

Jennifer Davies:           Hair Garden Salon/Owner/Stylist/Eco friendly salon

Dave Niebergall:         High Definition Roofing/Owner/Roofer

Mike Slater:                Horticultural Technician/Inventing Eden Landscapes/site coordinator

Theresa Balak:            Inventing Eden/Design Technician/Consultant