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Sit down at a table of Horticultural enthusiasts, and you are bound to hear someone complaining about lawns and the process of maintaining them or the loss of energy and resources wasted by keeping them healthy and looking their best.

If you are looking for my opinion, you are most likely interested if you are here reading…
I am in favor of doing away with a large percentage of residential lawns.
However, I feel strongly, that there is a place for lawn in everyone’s garden, it’s simply a matter of how we maintain them, how we plant them and how we value the role of lawns in the gardens.

In today’s economy, YES I brought it up, there is an ever increasing need to cut back on utilities, cut back on costs or monthly expenses. One of the first areas to cut back on the budget lands on spending funded by your discretionary income.

Services such as your gardener, your cleaner and your lawn services. OR, if  you wish to keep your sanity, you keep your sanctuaries at bay, and you have made cuts in your Americano spending and your shoe collection/addictions rather than losing control of the gardens.

I am here to tell you that it is possible to make your money work better for you, invest in sustainable garden maintenance and do a little renovating.

The majority of clients are letting go of their desire to have the lawn emerald green all year round or weed and moss free. The community is reaching out and finding new ways to conserve water, reduce chemical use and encourage GREENER principles.
Inventing Eden encourages our clients, as well as those in the community, to plant lawns that serve more than one purpose, that incorporate clovers and moss to reduce water loss and keep their colour throughout the year. We help the community see that if you are keen to keep your lawn, there is nothing neglegant about letting it go dormant in the hottest summer months. Draw the eye of the passerby to your garden beds, inspire your neighbours to follow suit. Grow bulbs in some areas, turn the lawn into a meadow…

We educate our clients about organic products out there to fertilize and increse organic matter in their soils, creating a better foundation for the lawn to feed from.

And of course, we always have a design in mind to eliminate the lawn all together if the client is ready to go with out.

Next time you look at your lawn, ask yourself…
Why is it that I need my lawn to look so pristine? am I using my energy, finances and resources in the most sustainable, environmentally conscious way? What am I using it for and is there anything I can do to lower the maintenance, cut back on it’s footprint or decrease its thrist?!?!

Lawns YES… in moderation, maintained with “greener” principles, incorporating healthier choices, that give back to your property and the invaluable patch of green you are so blessed to own.

Do your homework, do your part, give back to mother earth and inspire others in your community.

all my best