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I am home, I am home, with family and loved ones, and the ever so welcoming RAIN!

and although I miss the sunshine and the pelicans on the beach in the mornings… in Mexico!
I am pleased to be back with in MY community.

With my return comes the start of 2009, the Christmas clean up, the marketing, the winter office and home, “gutting”, I like to call it. ..

I’ve been reviewing my  finances… “choking” on them and then looking again, once my eyes regain focus.. sob!

I am filtering through it all with as much grace as I can muster and I have found solace again in the people, the landscape and the spirit of home.
The west coast is still one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and I am more and more grateful every time I leave and return.

With this delightful weather, our home politics, national politics, the economic woes, the weather..
“oh… I can’t count that twice…
“…who’s whining?…”

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…I find it’s much better to recognize all we are blessed for, take part in the continued success of your family, your community, your city, your province and your country..
contribute and create.

There has never been a time like now for each and every one of us to keep our communities thriving, support local businesses, buy local produce, meats and poultry.
Participate in land reclamation, become more and more self sufficient, spend more time outdoors, be more aware of issues such as GMO foods, Bee population, waste management…
BECOME MORE INVOLVED,  in any way you can.

These issues along with many more are all opportunities to do even better… do more, harm less!
As a mother of a 7 year old boy and a caretaker to the earth herself, I challenge you all to look to yourselves for the solutions, and lend some of your energy every day to the survival and success of our communities, and this place we call home.

This year Inventing Eden is proud to both foster and be a part of a growing community of contractors within the landscape and construction industry, who wish to work together, instead of solely competing.  I am excited to be a part of a group of contractors so devoted to skill, fairness and quality.  Focused on giving back to the community and acting as stewards of the environment.

We aim to provide our communities with the highest quality for the best value.
Clear communication and project management, honesty and accountability.
Our focus is on creating, not destroying, building sustainable, water wise, indigenous gardens and landscapes that both support themselves and provide for their owners.
Provisions that come in the form of nourishment, meditation, inspiration, improved physical health and increased PLAY.

Look to your home and the way you value it.  Build on it, invest in it, increase it’s every day value in your life, use as much of the energy you take from your property and return it or reuse it.
If you have land, use a minimum of 25% of it to produce some form of nourishment, flavor or fragrance in your home or kitchen.  If you don’t have land, bring in the natural landscape with a touch of design, brought to you by nature…

A bonsai tree or jade plant (they grow to be a natural bonsai), Patience grasshopper!
A painting of a west coast shore during a storm, a running water fall in the home or outside a door.

Try to find a way to slow yourself down, rather than ways to make things go faster.
Do not PANIC, economic hardship requires focus and perseverance to succeed, not fatalistic attitudes, long work hours and quicker ways to get MORE.

Try installing a Japanese inspired path, one that requires careful steps and momentary focus.
A reminder to breathe. Place a beautiful shrub, full of colour and or fragrance to slow you down on the way to the car or the bus stop… breathe!
Add a sitting area on the patio, in amidst the gardens or at the front of the house.  Raise a bed or two and grow your own swiss chard or carrots, (always better freshly picked).

If don’t think you have room in your budget to hire a landscape contractor, or you are ready to take on the challenge yourself, consider hiring a consultant or landscape designer.  We can take something that seems daunting, break it down in to steps, show you where your money is most wisely spent and where you are best to do your own labor.
We can spin the mirriad of ideas you have had over the years, months or days and turn them into one clean and organized plan. Reflecting the spirit in which you envisioned it and the style and theme that best reflects you and your family.

Once you have the blue prints, you are well on your way.
Anything is possible, everything can be manifested if it you give it time to bloom,
you can bring it all to your front door.. or back.

Find adventure in your own neighbourhood, your own garden, your own greenhouse.  Feel the joys and instant gratification of working with nature, reclaiming your land and beautifying your surroundings.
give back!

Inventing Eden Landscapes announces…

Horticultural Therapy…
I am very excited to announce that I will soon be a certified Horticultural Therapist.  I am currently studying Horticultural Therapy and plan to gain my certification under Mitchell L. Hewson, a Hort. Therapist, Educator and Facilitator in Guelph Ontario.

I was inspired as a youth to become a healer and have been reminded through life that this is one of my vocations. It is in my 5 year plan to resurrect a centre in the Saanich peninsula, that is dedicated to hosting such programs. Developing therapeutic programs to assist local rehabilitation centres, retirement community homes and outreach programs in assisting clients working towards recovery or relief. This is somewhat of a lifelong dream of mine.  Plans to purchase property that can support such a program are in the works for 2010.
I look forward to bringing the practices of Mitchell L. Hewson to Vancouver Island, and will be blogging as things begin to take shape.

Well… I have mentioned this before.  It’s time to bring about change!
And PEOPLE, permaculture and it’s principals, is the way of the future…
Self-sufficiency, sustainability, and security!  need I say more.

Follow me to a greener, more natural lifestyle for 2009 and all the years to come.
Together, we can make it all a reality.

good luck
here’s to 2009!

west coast living.
all the best

Danée Forbes
Inventing Eden Landscapes

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