Here it comes… the never ending downpour of Garry Oak leaves!!!

Are you ready?

If you are lucky enough to have a Garry Oak on your property… or a few.
Then start preparing now for the heaven’s to open up.

If you have a place to keep some of this leaf waste, I would strongly suggest keeping some.  Mulch them before you put them into your storage bin, if you can. 
Simply drive over the leaves with your lawn mower or purchase an electric leaf blower/mulcher,
you’ll thank me!

If you don’t have a bin, you can construct one out of chicken wire and top it with a black plastic bag in the sun somewhere.  In the Spring you’ll have leaf mulch.

*NOTE: make sure they are fairly well broken down in the Spring before spreading in your beds, or they’ll wind up sucking all of the Nitrogen out of your soil to decompose.
**Best used under acid loving plants

If you are planning to push them to the curb for leaf pick, be sure to find out when your neighbourhood is scheduled for pick up.  Put them out of the way, and somewhere you can add to the pile as it grows.

A Trick-of-the-Trade:
What you’ll need:   tarps, (10×8) or close to this size, 2 bodies and some rakes

rake leaves in to small piles, once done, go around the gardens with the tarps, fill until the tarp is full enough to pull not too heavy that the leaves will fall out. 
Each person takes two corners, and pull!

Simplest way to get the leaves to their destination.
Make sure you let the kids rummage thru those leaves before pick up. 
And take photos, Fall is fantastic for making memories!

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